Monday, October 21, 2013

Pink Day in Dubai

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - including Dubai.

Today was Pink Day at my son's school to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Instead of their uniform, they can wear a pink shirt.  There is also a bake sale and donations can be made to a local breast cancer charity.  It is a very important cause.

Last year my son did not inquire about pink day, nor did he mind that he did not have a pink shirt. He did not mind again this year that he does not have a pink shirt, but he did ask more about it's meaning.

As we walked from our car to the entrance, we talked about it.

"Mommy, what is pink day?"
"It is to raise awareness for breast cancer."
"What is breast cancer?"
"It is a disease that women can get in their boobs and it is important to go for check-ups so if someone does have it, it is detected early."
"Well, then if you need you can get medicine, or have a small surgery and then get better."

I thought this was a pretty big explanation already, but being the inquisitive child that he is, he keeps going deeper into the subject.

"What if you don't go to the doctor?"
I never try to hide the truth in these discussions.  I do try to make it age appropriate, but yet this was a pretty serious subject.
"Well, you could die.  So this is why it is important to get regular check-ups.  I have had quite a few friends that have had breast cancer and they got better because they had check-ups, and saw a doctor that helped them."
"So does everyone wearing a pink shirt have breast cancer?"
"No sweetie, it only effects adults."
"Ya, because children are too young to die."


In addition to the need to ask the school if they had an age appropriate program to introduce this subject to the primary school children, it also got me thinking about all my friends that have survived breast cancer.  They are also young, and I am happy to say doing very well.

Make sure you do regular self-exams and get mammograms.  If you haven't done it yet this year, schedule it today.

And for that matter, not just breast check-ups - prostrate, wellness, whatever.  Get a regular check-up.

An Urban Yoga session in Safa Park in Dubai.  All proceeds that day went to
Breast Cancer Arabia 

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