Thursday, December 3, 2009

Socially naive people...a huge pet peeve

Some people are so naive I could just slap them, really. I don't know if naive is the right work - maybe its social clue?

We were invited to go to dinner the other night with some good friends at the new Cavalli restaurant in Dubai - or new-ish. Its pretty fancy w/ all kinds of bling..or let me start from the walk up a very dark staircase all covered in black carpet of faux fur - or something in between. You only saving grace is the purple lighting under each step.

Then you enter the club which is two smaller bars and several tables. The tables are separated by strings of crystal balls, which is kind of interesting. The best part was the great live music. The band was good. Everything else was alright. I'm not into bling anyway, at all really, but once in a while I'll play along. If you live in Dubai and plan to go, my advice, just drink. But I assume one doesn't go to places like this for the food. My martini was great and it went downhill after that.

There were some others at the dinner and a couple that was an acquaintance that my husband knew through work. The woman must have asked what I do and she learned I work, but was on a long leave because of my son's new diagnosis of diabetes. She later leaned over to tell me she was sorry to hear it, but continued to go on how she hopes and looks forward to the day when she too could have a long leave when she has a child so she could spend some time with them.

While I'm all for a long maternity leave, I guarantee you this is no cake walk we are having and you should pray to your God that you never have to need such a leave. Yes, it has its nice moments and I'm spending time with my son, but when she proceed to ask me what I am doing to fill my days as I'm on leave of absence I nearly fell out of my blue leather Cavalli chair!

My response was "Watching my son's blood sugars go up and down".  She kept babbling about how nice leave must be, so she didn't get the point. And I don't think it was nervous babble.  I think she really just didn't get how her question could be interpreted. Maybe because she is newly wed? Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but if it were a few weeks ago, I probably would have not been in a better place and I would have just walked out or said much worse.

Mental note, when people take leave because they or their child is ill or has been diagnosed with something that needs to be managed because it is chronic, it is not a fun vacation.  Think before you open your mouth please. I am so sick and tired of excusing everyone because they do not know any better - which applies to all social situations really. I don't expect a pity party by any means, but if your kid is sick and you are on leave of absence, I'm not going to expect you to be filling your life with coffee mornings and painting classes.

Rant finished. Thank you.