Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dubai is so Clean!

Last week I went to a Sting concert with friends. One of my friends went to the bathroom (portable) and when she came back she showed us a picture she took of the toilet area because it was so clean. And it was. Spotless.

Fast forward a week later. I am looking for a taxi to go to an area with next to no parking. I find one and as I am walking to get in the car, the driver throws his trash out on the street?! Is he kidding me? Sadly, not.

Instead of getting in the car, I went to his window and asked him if he dropped something perhaps? A little confused he asked what I was talking about. When I refused to get in his taxi until he picked up his trash, he apologized, quickly picked up his trash and put it in a plastic bag he had in the car with other trash.

Despite the amount of people here cleaning, I am always shocked at the amount of trash I see thrown on the ground. I feel it is because they know someone will pick up after them? Or they really have that much disregard for the community and environment? I'm not sure which is worse.

I've seen it in our parking garage. Trash that was obviously thrown out from a car parked in its designated space. I politely pick it up for them and place it on their windshield so they can easily find it when they return.

I know there are a lot of things unfair about what people are paid, but what is unfair is that the society that is paid better contributes to the mess they have to clean up.

As I went for a walk last night, I was reminded of this. Seeing the constant clean up around the construction sites to keep it tidy and then I came across this guy in the picture I took diligently cleaning a garbage can. Wow.

Keep Dubai and the UAE Beautiful. Pick up your trash and teach your kids to do the same.