Friday, October 25, 2013

Opportunity is Always Around the Corner

This is an image from a fire show in Thailand.  It was one of those hotel shows that may not have been the best show ever, but it resulted in some of the most interesting images I have from that trip.

I almost missed this moment as I did not expect that when they said they were heading around the corner to the water for them to do much more than what they had already done.  As the fire hit the water and sparks flew everywhere, it made for the most amazing picture opportunity.  I felt lucky to get this as the fire was finishing when I arrived.  Almost a missed opportunity.

I often read that many famous photographers were obsessed about taking their cameras everywhere. I get that.  I experienced it again yesterday.  I went out to run an errand, and came upon a huge Harley motorcade in Dubai.  Of course I did not have my camera, and my iPhone did not do it any justice.

Every time I am out and do not have my camera, I see so much opportunity lost.  Never under estimate the value of the amazing thing that is just around the corner.

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