Friday, May 15, 2015

I Love You Because You Travel

I love you because you travel (with me) all the time

Once again, a bit off the blog, but I still exist in the world. Busy, but great.

Last week there was a Mother's Day celebration in my son's school. They surprised us with breakfast and some of their arts and crafts. One of them was this picture. I love you because... The message from my son was "You travel (with me) all the time". He does not have the "with me" on the board, but this is what he told me as he shared why he loved me this Mother's Day.

I was touched and pleased at the same time. He doesn't have to follow me, be me, be what I wasn't, be what I wish I could do, or any of that. My husband and I travel because it is what we love to do.

Before having children, I always wondered if a child would slow us down. Well, it didn't. Over time, those visits to new places have become important time to explore something as a family. We love to experience the world and other cultures and places.

In talking about our plans for the year, one thing my husband and I both agree on is that we will not give up our travel. There are many things we can do without, but travel is not one of them.  We love it, and are fortunate that our son appreciates it too.