Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dubai Paddle Surfing Contest

Dubai Paddle Board Competition

This weekend I went to check out the first annual Dubai Paddle Surfing competition. I wasn't very sure what paddle boarding was, but when I read that all entrants had to wear a Kandora, or national dress, I thought that could be a fun photo opportunity - and it was.

Since the surfing community in Dubai is still growing, I think the turnout wasn't bad considering the size of the population here. However, I think it got plenty of attention on the Um Sequim open beach and more people will definitely join next year. There was even one girl who had a 6 hour lay over in Dubai that joined - what a great use of her time!

It was great to be in that atmosphere of fun music, usual surf sponsors and that wonderful surfer attitude. The sport seems perfect for Dubai because we don't always have the best traditional surfing waves here. Plenty of wind, but not the longest waves to ride which is why kite surfing and sailing are very popular here. Paddle board seems like a great idea for our tamer waves.

I was only there a short time, but thought it was a great event. - And all proceeds were donated to a local charity.

As I left and went home, I made some mental notes..... 1 - Get into this sport as soon as possible. The weather is heating up and it will be hotter than hell here soon. 2 - Make my husband sign up next year so I can cheer for someone paddling around on a surf board in local dress :-) 3 - Collect all friends to join!


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Once again you have stopped me in my tracks. How fascinating! Never would I envision anyone wearing such attire in the water. I love the baseball caps with the traditional dress. Your hubby definitely needs to join in next year!

Pam said...

I wrote a response to this before, but due to a slow connection when I was traveling my response didn't stick.

The young Emiratis wear baseball caps all the time...They definitely never wear those when swimming..its just for fun...

However, there are women that will go into the water in their completely covered attire...It just doesn't look comfortable to me at all.

One of the water parks here does a ladies only night..I'd love to go to that to see if there is any difference in the dress :)

Laura @ itsjustlaura said...

I love this glimpse into your life in Dubai. What an interesting picture & story. REI would probably love a picture like this! Haha! Have you made it out on a SUP yet? They're fun! It's a big thing here in Austin.

Pam Durant said...

Sadly, I've not done it yet.. it is everywhere here and there is SUP yoga… I developed a weird allergy to temperature about two years ago.. I think it is better, so I am going to try again this year when it warms up!