Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Blog, Update, Where the heck have I been?

So it seems I have taken a summer hiatus... It wasn't intentional, but things happen. Why? What happened?

1 - I went back to work full time. I took several months off after my son was diagnosed with Type 1, or what is commonly known as juvenile diabetes. While I am used to managing this for him and being his pancreas, working puts a new spin on things.

2 - I took the History of Photography this summer. It was so informative, but so challenging in a shorter semester. Any time I had to write, I wrote about the history of photography. Really, my brain was about to explode on some days. Come home after work, spend time with Erin, put him to bed, then work on papers until very late/early. Sleep? What's that?

3 - I took a brief vacation - I worked through that a bit, but we moved around every few days so that kept me busy.

4 - I have a 2 and 1/2 year old... enough said! :-) That alone would keep one busy! He is growing so fast, talking and super curious about everything as any toddler should be. Its fun and funny!

As the title suggests, I do have a new blog. Dilek Ongan, who runs the site invited me to blog for her site. I am very flattered and excited. Fortunately, I will write in English..or maybe unfortunately, because if I wrote in Turkish, Turks everywhere would have a good laugh frequently! I often make grammar mistakes that are beyond hysterical.

I imagine it will just be a continuation of this, but I don't know what will materialize yet. So far I am trying to give a little bit of information about Dubai for those who are considering to live here. There is only so much I can say before my opinions will take over, so I imagine these two blogs will merge and I will primarily post on So you, my 3 known followers, you can find me there :)
Also, later this year I plan to start my photography website. Be sure once that is up I will let you know. I am still debating - to blog or not blog on that site..of course this would be about the photos and photography.. we will see what happens.

Regardless, I will check in here from time to time and keep you updated of my whereabouts... not that you didn't know where to find me before!

I hope everyone had a great summer! And for those going back to school or sending kids back to school, hope its all good!

PS - Excuse the new look.. Ya, why not focus on a blog if you've updated the look.. Well, Google Blogs added some new templates and they made it easy - click-n-go... So I thought it was a little more jazzier than the previous style :)