Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Blue Voyage

I grew up in Texas and spent many memorable summer days with my friends at the Gulf of Mexico. I often do not remember everything from high school, but those carefree days at the beach are some of the most vivid.  The smell of salt and sand mixed with coconut suntan oil are still just as vivid as laughing so hard I could cry or pee my pants - or both.  These smells and the sound of me and my friends singing to Def Leppard, Poison, or our favorite classic rock tapes from the 60's and 70's are what I most often recall.

Just about 15 years ago I stepped foot on a random gulet boat in southern Turkey for a day trip near Bodrum.  Enter my second love affair with the sea.

Turkish Gulets in Bodrum, Turkey

Deep Blue Sea
Bodrum, Turkey
I can still remember being in awe of the water and how blue, clean and cool it was.  It's blue was so hypnotizing I could not stop looking at it.

Since then I have taken several of these trips called mavi yolculuk, or blue voyages, by day or for several days with friends.  The smells are similar - salt, sea and sunscreen.  We still listen to our favorite music, but now on iPods instead of cassettes.  We still laugh very hard until we cry, or almost pee our pants - well, I can't speak for everyone on the boat, but we laugh a lot.

I always bring a book, but I honestly am never able to read much.  The sea is so blue I can only stare.

Yes, the water is that blue, and there are that many fish.    Bodrum, Turkey

There is still a lot of untouched nature to experience from a Blue Voyage.
Bodrum, Turkey

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