Thursday, August 1, 2013

What does one do on a Blue Voyage anyway?

Taking a holiday on a boat may not seem like the most relaxing thing to do. It could be boring, right?  I promise, its not.  And as an added bonus, this is one of the few places left in the world where you can wake up and have no access to internet, or mobile phones.

Mavi Yolculuk, Blue Cruise, Bodrum, Turkey

Lunch - Fresh, local produce and grilled fish!
Approaching the next bay.
Bodrum, Turkey

If life or work is a bit stressful and you need a get away, its worth considering.  The daily itinerary goes a bit like this:
That first big jump off the boat is one to remember.
Bodrum, Turkey
- Wake Up (after sleeping on deck under the stars)
- Change into bathing suit, or just roll off side of boat directly into the sea for a morning swim.
- Finish swim.  Breakfast is ready for you.
- Shower, or later if you like
- Decide what secluded bay to go to next
- Enjoy the view
- Swim again
- Maybe go to another bay, or not.
- Swim, nap, liesure time.
- Lunch
- Move on to the next bay and swim
- If there is a remote island with ruins on the way, you can explore, or not.
- Swim some more.
- The captain will also likely have some string on board if you want to try your luck at fishing
- Turkish tea time
- Decide where to head for sunset
- Last swim before dinner
- Shower
- Enjoy sunset drinks and dinner
- Chat with friends, laugh a lot.  Maybe play cards or something like this.
- Sleep

Notice there is really no exact timing for this.  While you do ideally want to be settled by sunset, the day is yours and you are free to roam.

Food consists of fresh, local produce.  Often from the captain's own village!  And of course fresh fish.

And don't be afraid to shop around... its not as expensive as you would expect.  There are boats to fit every budget.  They can be very cost effective and cheaper than some of the best hotels.

So what are you waiting for?  There is still one month of summer left, so enjoy!

Napping during a Mavi Yolculuk in Turkey

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