Monday, July 1, 2013

Cat under the Macro

I have writers block.... I think its largely because since I came back from Istanbul last month, I have spent a lot of time watching the protests in Turkey.. watching and waiting.  So much to say, but yet nothing that hasn't already been said.

We are gearing up for our annual summer pilgrimage to Turkey.  In just a few days we'll be in the land of pomegranates, olives, pide, blue skies and sea, and street cats.

Here is one of my little street cats.  Megan.  When we found her she was malnourished.  Only ears and eyes on a stick it seemed.  She is now 13 or 14 years old and quite the happy, sweet girl.  Most Turks that meet her are surprised she came from the street - probably due to her newfound roundness and cleanliness of being an inside cat.

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