Sunday, June 30, 2013


Last winter I bought a pomegranate tree from a garden center nearby.  They were priced so low it had to be a mistake.  Pomegranates are my favorite fruit, and I was actually a bit sad the tree got cheated compared to the price of the neighboring olive and lemon trees.  How could anyone downgrade this amazing tree!

I bought a few trees and gave the extras to my friends nearby that have gardens.  I actually have a fruit growing on my tree.  Impressive as it is extremely hot in Dubai now, and pomegranate season is in the fall.

Some search reveals that they have been around for thousands of years.  They are symbolic in many religions and often represent life, fertility, or prosperity.

For me, they represent Turkey.  Pomegranates can be found in many works of Turkish and Ottoman art, and they grow abundantly throughout the country.  And when in season, they were a staple in my diet.

I have nothing really significant to say.  I just really like my tree and its little pom - oh, and my macro lens.

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