Friday, October 14, 2011

A Week in Status

Is this park as close to Pam’s car as possible week?  I never knew the benefits of yoga could reach as far as the parking lot - and several times in one day throughout the city.

Thank you Waitrose for carrying Halloween decorations and reminding me I am a working mom.  This means I have no time to really go elsewhere, so I accept your selection.   You turned my guilt to shame with your astronomical mark up on these products.  I really need a personal feasibility study.

Wow… a poor girl waiting for a bus was struck by lightening in Fujeriah.  As my office colleague pointed out to me, that is really bad luck because not only is your chance of getting struck by lightening incredibly low, but in the desert is even more so.

You know you live in Dubai when your son can point out Ferraris on the road on the way to school… This is our morning game on the drive to school – Find the Ferrari.  I hope this does not influence the teenage car request – it certainly does not influence the answer if asked.

There was a crazy sand storm in Dubai. This means good weather is upon us – the calm after the storm.

Don’t mess with the motherly instinct to protect her child.  You will never win.

Google has some new product called You+.  I imagine its going to be like Facebook?  I am curious, so I went to sign up.  It requested my gender – I see the selection is Male, Female and Other?

I have a photography project to shoot and have very little time left to submit.  I need a good monochrome, all tones of grey image with no black or white.  I really wish I owned a grey cat about now!

Don’t always assume it’s about you.  If you have done nothing wrong, and someone suddenly starts acting strange or aloof, it most likely has nothing to do with you… I have been reminded this of several times in the last few weeks and months…in both directions.  Be sure.  They have a lot going on.

I love the teachers, nurses and staff at my son's nursery. They look after him and educate him so well.  At “graduation” this year, not only will I cry because it means he is growing too fast, but I really hate he will have to leave that wonderful team.

My son told me once he was afraid to go into his bathroom by himself.  He is at that age where we are encouraging him to be more independent for big boy school, but he insisted I go.  Why?  He tells me he is afraid of the red tide.

Yeah, beach weather is finally here in Dubai!

The dreaded school application/lobby to get my son into a school time is here.  I barely have time to get the applications there, forget about the schmoozing!

Can someone please tell me why my ipod will play Yellow Submarine normally at home, but in the car I cannot hear the Beatles sing it?!!  I am serious and it is werid!  Sadly my husband did not believe me and assumed I was either going mad, or pushing the wrong button.  He forgets he is talking to a music maniac who knows what is on her ipod!  We know I am already crazy, so it can’t be that one!

My son likes Arabic music!  Can’t blame him  - the drums and beat are pretty catchy.  Yalla Habibi.

Perhaps the only non-embarrassing thing as you watch someone pull your car out of deep sand: Knowing that you didn’t drive it in there.  I am sure it was added value for the crowds when Erin and I arrived with his beach shovels to help dig.

Two of my dearest friends had a new baby.  He is lovely…

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