Thursday, April 10, 2014

School Buses - You really do need to stop for them

Cars are the latest Social "gadgets" on the market.  Some makers have already started, and I am sure it is not long before we can access Facebook in all cars.  Maybe I am old-fashioned, but do we really need this?

I have a device in my car that can access Facebook.  It is called a phone.  I don't catch up on social media while I am driving, nor do I need to.  If I have to sit at a red-light too long, I may start looking. I put the device down when I start driving again.

I can't help but wonder if this is how people felt when radio was put in cars… assuming there was a time when cars were without radio.

One safety challenge here I will never understand is the failure of people - so far every driver I have seen here - to stop behind a school bus when a child is obviously getting off.   This is a big yellow bus with flashing lights and a stop sign.

Children are exiting the bus, and it is usually curb-side, but it is still drives me mad that people fly past in their cars.

I stop.  People behind me honk.  They proceed to go around me and the bus.  I shake my head.

From his car seat, my six year old asks why this is not safe.  I explain to him that a child could get hit by a car.  I feel incredibly sad that anyone would be in such a hurry to jeopardize a child getting off a school bus.  I hate when the cold reality of carelessness chips away at his innocence as he comes to realize these things.

I wonder how he perceives it.  Why would an adult not stop for a child? He is at the age where he still believes most adults are kind and good.  Does it sadden him a bit to know people do not care.

As a young diabetic, he does not ride the bus yet.  Someday he might.  This issue will only add to my hesitation to let him ride the bus too soon.

Articles I have read state it is punishable with a fine.  I'm not sure how many are fined.   I just really hope more people will stop.

Please stop for buses.. and pedestrians too while we're at it.

Rant over.

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