Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zighy Bay

Musandam, Oman is part of Oman, but separated from the rest of the country geographically by the UAE.  It is the strategic tip of the penninsula at the Strait of Horumz.  Visited by many, it is easily accessible from the UAE - about a 1.5 hour drive from Dubai.  Although close, the landscape changes quickly as you head to Fujeriah to cross border and the Mountains of Hajar.  

Zighy Bay used to only be accessible by boat until the Six Senses came to town - well, there really wasn't much of a town there.  It was a very small fishing bay where locals still fish today.  

The resort is made with as much local material as possible.  The rooms for example, use local rocks, trees and other finds for everything from walls to lamps.  As much food as possible is grown locally.  This includes all salad ingredients from the organic garden on the property.  

We were there only two nights, so barely had the chance to unwind.  However, it did not take long to not want to leave our isolated ocean-front property.  

I think my son summed up our experience best as he wanted to move there from the first day.  The kids club had a certified teacher, so he had a well thought out plan.  There were many times he told me he did not want to leave - as we packed, as we got in the car, on the drive home, before he went to sleep when we got home.  I thought maybe he would come to terms with it by morning as there was no mention of it at breakfast before school.  However, as we walked from the car to school he said, "You know mommy, I really did not want to leave that place".... in all honesty, neither did I.

No cars - walking or biking only.

Zighy Bay's Organic Garden

A full moon by the sea

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