Friday, February 8, 2013

Boys will be Boys

A few weeks ago I took my son to the library.  He searched all the books laid out for his age group and in the end decided on a Barbie Three Musketeers story.   This was clearly a very “girl” book - long dresses, pink, and all those stereotypes. 

We never pushed any particular gender toys onto our son.  However, he is typically boy – loves cars, construction trucks and many other things that are associated with boys.

I was not so bothered by his book selection, but I thought maybe my husband would be.  I know he loves Erin more than life itself, but I recall his surprise about two years ago when he came into our bedroom to find Erin and I playing in my makeup.  It is only face paint to a three year old.  It has no gender context when it is face paint.  It’s a party.

Erin did scan the book cover and content.  “Look mommy, there are swords”.  I felt a little sense of relief that I would not have to explain his book choice.  But yet, why would I?  We love our child unconditionally.  And the fact that he scanned the book to find weapons - total boy.

In all fairness to the book, it was a pretty exciting adventure and much to my surprise, there was a girl power theme.  There was a prince, but he did not save the girls, they saved themselves - a good message for girls and boys.

After the library we stopped by the local party store to get invitations for his 5th birthday party.  As I was waiting to check out, Erin found another item.  “Mommy, I want you to wear this to my birthday party”.  What?!! 

Much to my surprise, he found a sexy santa outfit on a discount rack that was more of the Victoria's Secret genre.  For sure I would not be wearing THAT to his birthday party.  

I tried to postpone it to later.  “No mommy, you need to buy this now.”  How about another red dress?  “No mommy, this is the one you need to wear to my party.”  Did I mention he was a boy?

Needless to say, we did not buy it.  However, any concerns about playing with make up or reading a Barbie book would instantly be forgotten.

One week ago today we celebrated Erin’s 5th birthday.  The big five.  No longer a baby.  No longer a toddler.  No longer a pre-schooler.  A boy.   All had a great time, and there was no mention of me not dressing like this!

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Cristen Plummer said...

Boys are an enigma to me! My girls are all girl and it takes all of my thought processes to teach a "girl power" message in any scenario. My teenager tells me of friends' drama with boys and I make it a "don't wait around for a man to make you feel good" message, my 10 yr old tells me this boy is the smartest in her class, and I explain she is as smart as he is, but maybe in different areas. Its exhausting raising girls! My only wish for parents of boys is to teach them respect of women/girls. I am not sure this is done enough today. Happy Birthday Erin!