Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dubai Global Village

Lanterns in the Turkish section of Dubai Global Village
Another fun thing to do when the weather is good in Dubai is head out to Global Village.  Located off of Emirates Road, Global Village is a kind of amusement park, market and festival.  It only runs a few months a year in winter, and is usually close to the Shopping Festival.  It brings together traditions and goods from many countries and cultures around the world.  There are also shows with local dances from each country, different foods to try and many rides and games for the kids - and big kids too.  

A painter in the African market of Dubai Global Village

My favorite part is the market.  Each country has a market in a different section with several vendors.  There are so many countries participating that I have still never been able to make it through all the countries.  

There are a few I do not miss.  The Turkish market is always crowded - great olives, cheese and Turkish goods.  They also had some good looking lahmacun and live music this year.  

Spices at the Global Village in Dubai

There is also one honey for "married only".  My husband was out at the rides with my son while I shopped, so the vendor would not let me taste any!  I don't know what the big deal is because I am married. The honey claims to be a miracle cure.  According to the description, it could cure any reproductive ailment you could think of - both male and female! Move over Dr. Oz, I've found the next cure-all!  

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