Thursday, August 30, 2012

Carpe Diem

I am up early this morning - I've got this thing, once I'm up, I'm up.  I guess I should also give into the fact that this is a result of my lifestyle (being a mom) and with school starting next week, even the concept of becoming a morning exerciser is eminent.

Since we recently repainted a few walls, and I have a few frames to fill, I am up selecting which pictures I want to use.  I am very excited about my corner that will have my water series.  I have one frame to fill that will be all about Erin.  He has a great sense of humor so many of his pictures are a lot of fun.

I came across this one that always makes me think.  This was during a trip to Hong Kong in November 2010.  We went to Disney Land there.  Growing up, I always heard people in the US talk about taking their children or grandchildren to Disney Land or Disney World.  There was always someone that said you have to wait until they are older so they will remember.

Having learned this, I kind of reacted the same way when my husband suggested we go to Hong Kong Disney.  Really? But Erin was not even going to be three for a few months!  Of course he thought, why not?

In retrospect, I am so glad we did it.  I have no regrets.  And believe it or not, Erin still remembers a lot about that trip and visit to Disney.  I think his most vivid memory is the giant, dancing gingerbread man giving him a head butt during the Christmas parade.  (Hong Kong, blondes stick out).

This is a picture of him playing the drums in the Jungle Book area.  He seems so young compared to the boy he has become.  However, when I see this picture, I am so very glad we took him to Disney Land.  Even if he didn't remember, or doesn't remember everything, he had a great time. Nothing wrong with living in the moment.  Carpe Diem!


Sew Pretty Dresses said...

Nothing wrong with living in the moment is right! And you know kids don't remember a lot of things about their childhood at many different ages. But the do remember happiness and good feelings about their family. Go to Disney whenever you want. Raising a child is a journey and making happy moments is great for the whole family at every age along the way.

Pam said...

As always, excellent points Jenny!