Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yas Marina Viceroy

Last year at a charity auction we bid on a one night stay at the Yas Marina Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi.  No one else seemed too interested, so we won it at a great price.  We decided to redeem it last weekend.

Yas Island is a $36 billion development in Abu Dhabi.  It is part of the Formula One circuit and further plans are  underway to make it a comprehensive tourist destination.  The Viceroy Hotel is located on the island in the middle of the race track.

If I am brutally honest, I am not into race cars or car races - although learning since my son likes cars.  Nature over nurture.  He is like that by nature and nurturing me.

I went with no real expectation of the hotel.  Perhaps this is why I was so wowed by it.  Or, it could have been the amazingly friendly and helpful staff, the great service, amazing food we had at the South East Asian restaurant Noodle Box, amazing lobby with its subtle turquoise and brown color scheme complete with photography and architecture books that invite you to sit and read all day, or maybe just all the natural light.  I never thought something that looked so much like the mother ship would appeal to me, but it did.

I did realize while staying there it fed my need for repetition and lines.  I often end up with this in my images for no explainable reason, but I am drawn to it.  This is how I subconsciously define a "good" picture at some level.  So maybe this confirms that I do belong on the mother ship.

If you are not into racing and plan to stay during a race, be warned it will be very very loud due to its close proximity to the race track.  There were a few cars on a distant track a few times while we were there.  If the hotel supplies ear plugs to guests during Formula One, this says a lot.

The race track goes around the hotel, actually through as it passes through the bottom.
On the other side of the track is a marina with some crazy big yachts.

One of the rooftop swimming pools

Entrance to Nautilus, a seafood restaurant.
 I loved these larger than life eunuch looking guys.
Skylite Rooftop Bar

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