Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dubai World Cup

Last weekend was the first time after several years that I went to the Dubai World Cup.  I could never quite understand the hype.  It is world's richest horse race with a payout of $6 million for THE Cup, and a total of $22 million paid out throughout the night.  It is one of the most expensive sporting events in the world.

This is a big deal if you have anything to do with horse racing.  However, I was most perplexed by the majority who dress up and go to an event where they sit around and drink all afternoon and never see a single horse.  Sometimes events are fun, but in this case as the day progressed, it was not pretty.  This along with the challenges for parking, organization and waiting forever for a taxi to get home were not appealing.

Years later, we decided to give it a try.  We were on the fence until the last minute.  So late, that I found our tickets the day before.  We arrived at the Meydan, the new racetrack that opened in 2010 and it did not feel like the typical race day I had observed before.  There was parking available, the line to get in seemed well managed and the place was huge.  In short, I can say this new venue is amazing.  And the best feature of all, you can enjoy the races.

As usual, it is a great place to people watch - and hat watch.  I never understood the hat fascination.  Some internet research tells me that this tradition started because there was a strict dress code at the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot in the UK.  All males had to wear full "morning dress" including a top hat.  Ladies could not show bare midriffs or shoulders and had to wear hats.  On race day here you will see a lot of shoulders and possibly mid-drifts, but more than that you will see hats of all shapes and sizes.

Below are a few interesting hats from last weekend.  It was fun and I will definitely go again.

Honestly, the above was one of my favorite looks.  I thought it looked so elegant.

Love the images where you cannot see the face because of the hat.

These ladies were a pair that attracted a lot of attention.  "Hats" made from hair.  Burj Khalifa and a horse.  The girl with the horse said it was a tribute to Sheikh Mohammed as he loves horses.  I believe the Burj was a tribute to Dubai.
This was cute and she wore it well.
There was a Japanese group enjoying the races in their local dress.  Loved them.

By the end of the evening, we were inspired to wear our hat to the side!

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Steve S said...

and as much as Dubai puts on a good show, and we loved it while we were there. It is Not Ascot. Which I will be at in June, and went last year. Whilst living in the country(s) of origin, usually UK, of what Dubai now owns, or copies, isnt quite life in the middle east. Dubai will never be quite like the original either, and i quite like seeing the original, after seeing the copy (but Im quite fortunate to have both side of the coin to opine) xx