Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Photo a Day...well almost

While I have no resolutions, I do admire people who take on tasks like shooting a picture a day.  Sure you can shoot many images in one setting, but to get a great one that pops every day if photography is not your profession is not always easy in my opinion.  So, on Pinterest, I've started one board called A photo a day...well almost.  I know I won't shoot a photo a day, or maybe I'll post some from the past, but who cares.   It will be a fun experiment and revealing for me in many ways.

My potted tomatoes.  This year I am doing 
cherry tomatoes.  Last year, I did big ones and 
they were quite successful much to my surprise

I love travel and documentary, but if I am not traveling, I enjoy pictures of almost anything.  My new year has started off quietly, so I am in everyday mode.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I appreciate the everyday because life can be so crazy sometimes that we don't have time to stop and appreciate the everyday and mundane.  It is good to pinch yourself from time to time.  With the exception of my son, I also find it very challenging to create images of things I see everyday, or everyday objects.  It is hard to make a bar of soap look sexy or arty - but this may be a good project to try out.

A friend of mine recently observed my draw to photography may be because I want to stop time.  While somewhat true, I think the drive is more just to pause for a quick second, or a fraction of a second in this case.  It is good to pause to remember where you are and why you are here.  It can be a big event or something small and minute, but I believe it is most important to not loose site of the bigger picture.  Funny the irony in that - taking smaller pictures in order to not miss the big picture :)

Here are a few to start with.  These are from the best room in my apartment - the balcony. It doesn't get more everyday than the balcony.  One of the places I love the most, but use the least.  Even on the days I am home it seems like either too much of a luxury to sit there or there are 1,000 other things that must get done.  Maybe I need a resolution to use the balcony more!

One of the residents who uses the balcony often

Sprouts!  You can grow bulb plants in Dubai.  Just move them inside before it gets too warm.
I put them back outside for the winter months.

A string of elephants that was a gift from my
mother-in-law.  In many Eastern cultures they
represent luck, power, love or fortune.  I am
not sure of their effect, but I most enjoy them for
their funky factor.

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