Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I felt like this year many people were fed up with the outrageousness in the over-priced, over-ratedness of New Years Eve.  I have been there for a while now.  Paying three or more times per person for something standard or sub-standard is just not fun or necessary.  Most people I talked to this year had a party at home or stayed home.  Many, like us, went to dinner the night before. (I hope the restaurants do not figure that out!).  For the big event we stayed at home balcony bound to watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks with another couple who live in our building.

We are fortunate we do not need to venture out into the traffic and craziness to watch this.  That morning I went for a walk-pseduo run with my son through the area as he rode his bike and saw this year they were much more organized than last year.  Among the many kiosks there were two stages set up for live music, so I imagine the park opposite Dubai Mall was a great place to be last night.  However, I enjoyed the blaring music from the nearby hotel and just relaxing in my jeans and sweater, plus blanket (it is cold in the desert at night in winter).  Despite a mild tri-pod challenge, I was able to get a few good shots like the one below using slow shutter speed and similar settings you would use for light painting.

In Dubai you can choose the beach side near the Burj Al Arab hotel or the Burj Khalifa for fireworks.  In my opinion if you are ever in Dubai for New Year's Eve, hand's down Burj Khalifa is the best.  They were more colorful and spectacular than last year and they combined more traditional fireworks with the special technology that shoots them off the building.  It was awesome and I cannot wait to do the same thing next year.

Happy New Year everyone!