Saturday, November 26, 2011

UAE National Day

In 6 days the UAE will celebrate it’s 40th birthday.  I enjoy being here every year to witness it.  There is a lot to celebrate because as a nation they have achieved quite a lot in a short period of time.  I hear the traffic in the Jumeriah area can get a little crazy with the young locals and their crazy string spray and driving, but hopefully that is the extent of it.  Because it is the 40th, decorations have been going up for the last two weeks.

The fire station I pass daily has opened one of the ladders on top of their fleet and hangs a large flag for all to see.  Almost all businesses seem to have lights, flags or some other kind of red, green, black and white decoration up.  I saw one building near my office draped in streamers in the number 40.  I am told at the parade near the Burj Khalifa they will release 40 x 365 balloons.  It should be a very festive atmosphere that day.  If you are around and want to enjoy the festivities there is a nice website with all events.

Even when I bought my coffee today, they sprinkled the number 40 on it!  Ok, the zero is kind of a coffee bean, but its cool.  Since I’ll be 40 in only a few months, I wonder if they will keep the decorations up?

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