Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dubai, what’s to like?

There are positives and negatives to living everywhere of course. Here are just 30 reasons to like Dubai. I am sure there are many more, but this is a start…..

1. Beautiful sandy beaches
2. Beautiful blue-green Gulf water
3. Kind people
4. A mix of cultures – you can find over 200 languages spoken!
5. Endless sporting activities and clubs to participate in.
6. Great professional sporting events to watch such as the Dubai Dessert Classic (golf), Dubai Tennis Tournament, Rugby 7’s, Dubai World Cup (horse race) and more
7. Endless children’s programs and activities
8. Modern architecture
9. Something new happening all the time
10. Closer proximity to travel to amazing destinations in the Middle East and Far East!
11. Food from all over the world
12. Nice work environment/jobs – ok, this one is relative, but I love where I work and love the people who work there! They are the most professional team I have experienced to date!
13. A lot of alternative and ayruvedic medicine clinics
14. Kinokuniya - The amazing bookstore in the Dubai Mall
15. Tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa
16. The Dubai Fountains are pretty nice too
17. Emirates Airlines – not always the cheapest, but love their great service!
18. The Friday (champagne optional) brunch
19. No tax
20. Women’s sections at public offices. Ladies, this means you don’t have long lines to wait in to pay phone bills or parking tickets!
21. There are a couple of decent organic food stores
22. You can easily find good help at home if you want it
23. If you have children they will be exposed to other children from all over the world
24. Many growing festivals – jazz, books, film. The cooler weather months are full of things to do.
25. An easy city, so more time for family or other activities
26. If you are into relaxation, there are many spas to choose from
27. You can ski anytime of year (I realize its not the same as the real deal, but its there. I’ve never been, but am told its not bad considering its indoor)
28. Usually very little rain to change your outdoor plans
29. A growing art scene – its small in comparison to other places, but it is nice to experience and observe the growth. And knowing that this is a Sharia law country makes it all the more interesting to see their acceptance.
30. Most people who live here are in a similar situation – approximately 80% of the population is expat. They left somewhere to come here, so it is relatively easy to make friends and connections.

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