Friday, September 24, 2010

Another typical week in Dubai...

Road construction in Dubai is well planned. Now that everyone has returned from summer holiday and kids are back in school, they have rerouted the lanes where they are doing construction near my house. Very intelligently, they have condensed this down to one lane is a couple of key places. Very well thought out!

“Look madam. Same Same.” As we were putting my son in the car, our resident car washer points out that my husband and son look alike.

Sweet Lime = Orange. I ordered a sweet lime juice from the local juice bar near my office. They present me with a tall glass of orange juice. I try to tell them it is orange juice. “No madam, it’s a lime”. Seriously, it is orange. “No madam. We will show you an orange.” They then proceed to show me a mandarin! To busy to debate with this very nice Philippino woman and Indian guy making juice, I take my orange juice and go back to work.

I had to go to the Dubai Mall for something. There, in the parking lot, a huge Rolls Royce with a can of Red Bull and plastic container of cookies – you know the kind you get from super market bakeries- on the dashboard. If it wasn’t Dubai, I would think the kids borrowed Dad’s car while he was away on a business trip.

Within the Dubai Mall there is a huge candy store – one of the largest in the world. Also recently, a huge Hershey store has opened as well. Not bad for a country whose local population already has the highest rate of diabetes in the world!

Had dinner with a friend and a local woman came up to me to ask about what brand my bag was. That is a HUGE compliment. The local women here are handbag crazy. If there is a sale or new season at Louis Vuitton, look out. I guess the bright happy green color of my modest Kate Spade was appealing.

Dropped my son off at school, dropped my husband off at a local sailing club so he can finish his captain course. As we pulled into the empty club on an early weekday morning, I almost felt retired! But only for a second… and now back to reality.

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