Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Little Things

I was going through some old files looking for an image, and I came across these.  I suddenly find myself very hungry and missing those little special things that make Turkey special!  More often than not, it is the simple things that make a place special.  It doesn't have to be grand.  It can be a favorite dish, flower or enjoying a coffee during sunset with friends.  Summer is almost here!

I love walking past the Four Seasons in Istanbul.  
It has some of the biggest, brightest Jasmine ever.

Turkish Borek, the most amazing savory pastry

Figs.  I love the smell of the fig tree so much, I have one in a pot on my balcony. 

Turkish olives for breakfast and olive oil for everything else

Lokum, or Turkish Delight.  Served best with Turkish coffee.

Turkish Coffee.  After you drink it, someone reads your fal, or fortune, in the coffee
left in your cup.

As you look up from your cup, perhaps you will catch a beautiful sunset

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