Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Dad

A sunbird nest in Dubai

Since I discovered Lucy and her nest, she has been working on it diligently every day.  From sunrise to sunset she comes and goes in search of small pieces of branches, leaves and twigs.   For the last several days she has been filling the nest with feathers.

She has a mate.  He is a shiny purple and black.  His song is much louder than hers, but he doesn't stay long.  He seems to pop in and out.  He checks in on things, then leaves quickly.  I thought Lucy was quick, but he is faster.  I was lucky to get this picture of him last weekend before he sped off.  

I wanted to name him Ricardo - for obvious reasons - but my son says he doesn't have a name.  He is "Just Dad".  So Dad it is until further notice.

A male sunbird in Dubai

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