Friday, November 22, 2013

Dried Fish on the Chao Phraya

While it was only a month ago, it feels much longer.  Was I really there?  Did I really have a holiday? Here are two of my favorites I took from the trip.

Drying fish on the Chao Phraya

One very rainy morning we did a boat tour of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok.  I am sure it was an ordinary day for locals.  A novelty for us after living in the desert so long.  Even though the rained pelleted our eyes, our fingers wrinkled and we were soaked, it was welcomed.

We went to a cafe for lunch along the river.  It was there that I saw this woman putting some fish out to dry.  I kept my camera on the table as we ordered our food.

My husband laughingly asked me,  "Why are you keeping your camera there?  What are you waiting for?  A cat to come steal the fish or something?"

Of course you never know what might happen.

Fifteen minutes later his question was answered.  Why yes… it seemed I was waiting for exactly that.

I often tell him I can predict the future, but I've never quite been this good at it before.

Stealing fish on the Chao Phraya

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