Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sirince, Turkey, A Safe Haven

Şirince, Turkey
Earlier this year we visited a Turkish village called Şirince (pronounced Shirinje).   It is nestled in the hills close to Selcuk, and it is believed that when Ephesus was abandoned, many moved here. Vineyards, olive groves and peach trees surround it, and true to its namesake it is very pleasant.

The breakfast area at Nişanyan Hotel in Şirince, Turkey

Much to my surprise, I read an article a few days ago, that many people from a religious group have travelled to Şirince.  They believe that it is one of only two places to escape the alleged apocalypse.  The only explanation in the media I could find for this is that they believe Şirince is a safe haven due to its “positive energy”.  

All hotels are full.  The town is at capacity.  I even read one hotel received a call from the US from someone offering any amount of money for a room.  The reports make it sound as if this has now morphed into some kind of party.  

Şirince is sometimes promoted as a place where great wine is made.  Perhaps that was true at one time, but even the place we stayed had it clearly written on their menu that the wine in the village is not that great.  Their recommendation was to drink reputable Turkish brands.  I was later offered some of the local wine.  I have to agree, stick to the reputable Turkish brands.  Many of those are excellent and should not be missed.

What WAS great about Şirince was everything else.   I agree it is an amazing town, and full of natural, positive energy and many opportunities for breathtaking views and relaxation.  My son and I spent much of our time there exploring and taking pictures of bugs - grasshoppers, dragonflies, a praying mantis.  The air was fresh, the local food was fabulous, and our B&B was very quaint. 

The dried red peppers cannot be missed.  In Turkish, pul biber is very important in Turkish cuisine. This was by far the best I ever tasted.  It was spicy in that pul biber kind of way, but also sweet at the same time.

If you have the chance, it is worth a visit.  

My prediction for 2012?  There might be a few people in Şirince with a bad hangover on the 22nd...

Peppers Drying, Şirince, Turkey

Şirince, Turkey

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