Friday, September 14, 2012

Anadolu Kavak, Istanbul

I tend to write more about Turkey than my Life in the Middle East sometimes.  I can't help it - it is part of that "write about what you know" thing, and I love Turkey.  It is a beautiful country with a rich history, so it is hard not to.  On that note, I leave you with a few highlights from a recent visit to Anadolu Kavak in Istanbul.

Anadolu Kavak, Istanbul, Turkey

Anadolu Kavak is the last village on the Northern Anadolu, or Anatolian side of Istanbul, at the entrance of the Black Sea.  This is the Asian side of the city.  In the days of Constantinople, a very large chain was strung across the Bosphorus from Yoros Castle to Rumeli Kavak to control the Strait.  Today Anadolu Kavak is largely known as a fishing village and popular day trip from Istanbul.

Yoros Castle, Anadolu Kavak, Istanbul, Turkey

It is easy to get there by ferry boat, and although crowded on the weekends, it is still recommended.  You can enjoy the day eating fish at one of the local restaurants, walk through the village and visit the local vendors or just people watch as you enjoy a coffee or ice-cream.

Fishermen making their way up the Bosphorus in Istanbul

The fish are plentiful in Anadolu Kavak

A great catch.  A cat stealing from a fisherman of Anadolu Kavak.

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