Friday, June 22, 2012

Sleep is Overrated

Sleep is overrated.  I am not sure when I decided - or convinced myself of this.  Perhaps it started a couple of years ago when my son was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  For sure I didn’t sleep much.  I was constantly worried about his blood sugar dropping in the middle of the night after we started him on an insulin pump.  Fortunately, we’ve passed that stage and all is good.

It was during that visit to the US that I rekindled my relationship with Starbucks and coffee in general.  In those days, the car should have had a Breathalyzer device on it to test if I had enough caffeine in my system to operate heavy machinery.  Starbucks isn’t the come all end all of coffee, but there is a lot to be said about purchasing a muy grande, quadruple shot, larger than life caffeinated beverage from the convenience of your car.  

Try as I might to sleep late, I still wake up around the same general time every morning – 6:00 or 6:30 – with no alarm clock.  Even though I typically sleep late – midnight or so, I am still up early.  And lately it seems to be earlier thanks to the 5:00am-ish sunrises.  If I miss my biological wake-up call my son wakes me up anyway.

Last night was a very sleepless night with vomiting, fever and all the symptoms that make for a very awful time for a child.  We have the added value of the diabetic issues that come with this.  It is manageable now that we know what we are doing.  And much to my surprise, I can sometimes manage this without the need for a hospital.  It’s not fun by any means – injections and all, but it is better than watching a not quite expert nurse dig around in your child’s arm to find a vein, or watch an inexperienced ER doctor look in a medical handbook to quickly learn how to manage the situation.  

My husband often tries to encourage me to go back to sleep on such days.  As exhausted as I am, I usually don’t.  Or as I did this morning, I try, but it is constantly interrupted sleep, which leaves me even more tired. 

So why not go back to sleep?  We all need sleep.  Yes.  It is hard to run a long time on little sleep, but as I always say, Mommy is a super power. I once read somewhere that you will never know how little sleep you need until you become a mother.  There is more truth in that statement than most things I have read.

As tired as I am, I would miss so much if I slept.  I would not get that 15 – 30 minute window of quiet time alone, would not be able to sit with a cat begging for attention, the occasional half finished yoga, read, write, catch up on some photography work or enjoy that desperately needed cup of coffee. 

Most importantly, I would not get to sit and have breakfast with my son and savor his way of seeing the world.  And on a day like today, it was so worth it.  He walked over to me and gave me the biggest “morning hug” as he called it for no reason.

Please pass another muy grande mega shot.


Cristen Plummer said...

Quadruple shot! Oh my! My early mornings may be the only time I get to be quiet in my home, so as long as I go to sleep by 11pm, I can enjoy them. My mommy-and-me-moments seem to happen in the car more as I'm transporting the kids one place or another...captive audience.

Pam said...

Fortunately, no quadruple shots anymore - but I learn that a double shot in a grande is that.. there was a time when that was my vice :)

I also love the car time - I got a lot of Erinisms at that time...

Pam said...

...or is it get a lot at that time.. see, need more coffee :)