Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burj Khalifa

Above is an image I took last Saturday as I was walking over to the Burj Khalifa to shoot some street photography.  This is from the bottom of one of the several parking garages of the Dubai Mall looking up.  I found this by accident while waiting to park on a busy day.

Today I read about a little boy in a local newspaper who visited the building the same day with his parents.  He has cancer and it was one of his dreams to visit the world's tallest building.  The description of his experience is lovely and he was truly wowed by the whole thing.

Before he came to Dubai, he also got to meet the Pope.  The article said the Pope blessed him.  I am really hoping and praying the Pope has some extra pull for this little boy and his family.

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CookingInStilettos said...

Great shot. I'm hoping there's some extra mojo somewhere the little guy as well.