Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Erin!

So today Erin was the big 2.0. Its not an old age by any means, but I remember reading some statistic for the growth from birth to one year, and the on throughout the second year of life and wow, a lot happens to the body, so it must feel like a pretty big age!

Not wanting to do anything over the top, I opted for a quiet party in the park of our complex. Since Friday is the off day here, and it has more of a Sunday feel to it, the park is a little less crowded than usual. We moved a few tables and chairs downstairs, I ordered a cake, ordered some food - really easy. I really like to cook and entertain, but there is also a lot to be said for just being able to enjoy the party so that was the focus. Come this morning, I was glad I did that anyway. Blood sugars were ramped last night so I slept a whopping 3 hours.

Most importantly, Erin had a nice time. He also experienced Doritos for the first time - his orange face and hands pretty much said it all. However, that new found love was only further stated when one of his friends sat next to him and he covered his bowl to protect his booty!...we are going through that time of life where we still sometimes don't want to share easily.

He had a fun, full filled day and seemed ready to go by sundown the usual time. However, on the way up I wasn't quick enough to hold his hands down the stairs and he got his first bloody nose today :( - bad mom. He is fine and now fast asleep. I think when he fell he was more concerned about loosing his bubbles that he nipped from some party favor bag...everyone wanted bubbles. I am learning slowly.

So thank you to all who made Erin's birthday so special. We are so lucky to have you all as friends and in our lives. Erin is also lucky to have such a great diverse group of friends at such an exciting, happy time in his life. We are blessed to have such a darling little boy. Happy Birthday!

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