Monday, October 5, 2009

Airport security service improved :-o

Sitting here with my jet lagged toddler for maybe the forth night, I can't help but reflect on my recent trip. I just flew to Houston and back in the month of September and couldn't help but notice this time I did not come across any rude airport security or customs employees on either leg of the trip. That was really refreshing.

Coming in, my husband who has a visa and me a citizen where directed to go to the same line. Last time we were told to separate and then I got reprimanded for it later and for only having one customs form. I was a bit nervous about it coming up to the immigration officer, but he was professional and did his searches and we went on about our business.

At customs we were asked to go have our baggage scanned. That was fine. As long as you ask politely, I'll do it. And they did. Such a different tone. Now that I recall it, we flew on September 11th.

And the big shocker, this time on the way out as we went through security, all the employees were very calm. No one raised their voice unnecessarily, security was professional and did their jobs and we did ours by giving up our bags, belts, shoes and what not for the scanners.

This is maybe the first time in 15 or so years it was professional at every check point. Thanks for that improvement whatever you guys did!

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fatihermihan said...

Maybe you were lucky only in this particular day, who knows?)