Monday, July 20, 2009

Long time no Blog...Some thoughts about MJ...

It has been such a busy year the end of the day, I just could not open a laptop to write..and my energy was all used up focussing on accomplishing a lot of work. So, now back from two very busy weeks in Turkey and full of that motivation and optimism that you get after a holiday..the kind you want to stay around and keep all the time....but then, you end up back in the grind and all that freshness is forgotten...How can we keep that feeling? More importantly, how can I keep that feeling!?

So Michael Jackson died. What a fiasco. You know, I thought it would be one of those things where I remembered where I was when I learned, but my memory is a bit foggy and I forgot..I am sure I'll recall tomorrow...It was somewhere during the final countdown to vacation so all just a blur.

However, sadly, I have noticed one thing. Despite the tragedy of it all, his music sounds much better to me now. That could be a few reasons - I haven't listned to any MJ in years, and I couldn't get past the allocations of his fondness for children. And now his family is supposively torn over where to put the body. Are really talented people always leading such complicated lives that end in tragedy?

You may recall there was some "news" a while back that when he was living here and on a visit to Dubai he went into a women's restroom. Well, if you see the signs on the door, you would come to Michael's defense. The signs have the portrait drawing of a male or female dressed in local national dress - an Abaya or Distash...b/c they are not real pictures, they look awfully close as each has a long piece of fabric hanging from their head. I myself almost walked into the men's room there. Poor MJ.

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