Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nazar Strikes Again

Just another little example of Nazar today....

...Earlier today Sarper was thinking how fortunate he was b/c its been a long time since he was in a car accident. At probably about the same time I was with some coworkers and one of them mentioned my previous car before Erin. A shiny, red Mini Cooper.

Now I'm not really big on cars and material things, but I've always liked the look of the Mini..and since there is no tax on cars here, its affordable. No chance to have a practical "green" car here..they are not in the market yet. Its not "desert package". And back when I was buying it, a friend of mine pointed out that if a hybrid here broke, there would not be anyone to fix it. So, for sure I got over my environmental friendliness during my car purchase.

Anyway, I was telling my colleague that I now drive the family car - a red Volvo SUV - Sarper thought the red would help us not loose our cool factor..Now our cool factor firstly is easily debatable, and secondly if our son was old enough, he'd probably hate it and definitely think we were not cool. I was very skeptical at first, but now that I can find my transportation in the parking lot very easily, I'm okay with it. And as another friend pointed out - we have very wise friends in Dubai - we don't have to look at the outside!

Very tongue in cheek I was telling my friend at work that Sarper now drives the Mini b/c he doesn't have a car right now. He was planning to sell his around the time we needed to give up our fun cars and get a family car, so we decided to keep the Mini since it was newer than our other car and almost paid off.

Well, unfortunately today he had an accident. He underestimated a car wanting to go all the way around a round about and jumped in a little too soon. It could look worse than it is, but we'll see. Mini is even minier now and may be totalled. Fortunately, and what matters is that he fine and nothing happened to him. It was in a residential area, so neither car was going very fast.

The most painful part of the ordeal was that he had to sit in the car forever to wait for the tow truck. His mobile battery went dead so he could not follow up. A good samaritan stopped to ask if he needed help because she had passed him a few hours before and he was still there. She kindly let him use her mobile to call me so I could come get him. I spoke to her again later to get his exact location and I think she could have been Australian or South African - both accents are quite different, but I was in another place and not paying attention. So, fortunately he had his laptop to keep him busy. But, he was sitting in a hot car for 3-4 hours with no a/c fun. Finally we got the tow truck to come - about 1.5 hours after I arrived.

Another example of nazar. I hope we don't have anymore - I'm kind of nazared out for a while!

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